Frequently Asked Questions

How do you sign up to train?

Please email for any training inquiries 

Age Limit

What is the age/grade limit for a Quarterback to attend your QB training sessions?

Answer:  We train QBs from 6th to Collegiate.  If the QB is under 6th grade, we recommend individual training sessions with our QB coaches.  Please e-mail for booking private trainings.

Which QB coaches will train my quarterback?

Meet our QB coaches here

Where do you train in San Diego?

We train at various top high schools/colleges in San Diego + our beaches.  Upon registration we will send the specific locations to your e-mails/phones

What does my quarterback need to bring?

We ask all quarterbacks to bring their own comfortable football, cleats, gym shoes, water, towels, sun tan lotion, and cameras (parents are ALLOWED to film our sessions)

When do you train in San Diego?

We train in San Diego year round, so long as our QB coaches are in town.  We train on weekends mostly, but upon request we are open to booking during the weekdays and will accomodate to your schedule.  Please e-mail if you are coming down to San Diego in the future and would like to get ahead and book QB sessions

I don't live in San Diego, do you train outside San Diego?

Yes, we have designed a special program called "#BlackOPS".  This is when we fly our QB coaches to pre-selected cities around the country.  Please click here for more information.

What is the #BlackOPS?

At our #BlackOPS QB Schools, QB coaches from Whitfield Athletix come from San Diego to your city to teach the finer aspects of Quarterback play. #BlackOPS is not your ordinary Quarterback Camp.

At Whitfield Athletix we don't take your athlete through your traditional factory workshop of taking (100) - 3 step and 5 step drops. We don't line up a group of fifty athletes and throw routes. #BlackOPS is a specialized small group QB training program. We strive to give each individual QB the tools he needs to be successful. #BlackOPS consists of (4) sessions throughout the weekend.

Each session focuses on a specific principle towards building a better and more efficient passer. The #BlackOPS weekend is littered with numerous competitions to cultivate a fun and competitive environment.

What is Online Academy?

Our online academy is our newest internal program with Whitfield Athletix.  We will have video tutorials from our QB coaches at a set tuition rate, where athletes can study the video footage online.  The tutorial last 365 days and can be viewed over and over again until the year is up!  The best part is we will update fresh video tutorial each month!

I am a San Diego resident, how do I enroll?

We train year round in San Diego and the best option is to enroll in our QB academy.  For more information please e-mail to sign up

I would like private QB training

We do offer private QB trainings with all of our QB coaches at, whether its in San Diego or across the nation, feel free to book by e-mail

How do I pay for QB training tuition?

Great question, we mainly use paypal, which can be paid with any major credit card and checks.

How can I be informed for future QB training?

The best way is to connect with us and sign up here.

My company would like to send you a sample product

Thank you for taking the time and allowing Whitfield Athletix to test your products.  Please e-mail