QB Academy Dates


Memorial Day Weekend


- Houston, TX April 14 

- Scottdale, AZ April 21-22

Black Ops QB camps

Our proven process will help quarterbacks ascend to the next level of play. We thoroughly analyze each quarterback's throwing mechanics and build on strengths, while uncovering areas of improvement.

Our goal is to build power and accuracy by teaching proper base and setup, as well as throwing off platform and playing with touch. Each quarterback will leave #DimeCity a more complete and dynamic player.   

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What you will learn?

  • - Analyzing and Diagnosing each QB’s throwing motion 
  • - Teach proper base and setup 
  • - Playing with a “strong” lower body to generate velocity
  • - Reorganizing our base
  • - Using our system to become more accurate passers
  • - Throwing with touch over man to man defenders
  • - Teach and drill how to throw on the run
  • - Pocket movement
  • - Pressure vs. Danger within the Pocket
  • - Learning how to move within the structure of the pocket
  • - Chaos/ Danger on the football field
  • - Winning bad situations
  • - Playing against free blitzers
  • - Evading blitzers
  • - Sustaining efficient play when the defense has an edge
  • - Small Pocket conflict
  • - Layering over zone defenders (flat, Hook to Curl, Alley, etc.)
  • - Putting it all together and applying it to game situations.


College Spring Break

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